Registration is limited. The event may fill up even though you or other team members have not all registered.

You can be a team of 1-5 members.

You do not have to come with a team. You can meet teammates at the evnt.

There will be a team declaration on Saturday afternoon. You will provide the name of your team and member names. If you're a winning team, the prize distribution will be made based on the declaration.

Projects must be your own (your team's) and must respect all copyright, trademark, and IP of any API's or sources of code/content that you incorporate. You and your team are solely responsible for not violating any IP ownership/usage rights.

Decisions of the judges, event sponsor/producers are final.

What you create is yours. The event sponsor and producers make no claims of ownership of your work.

This is a congenial/friendly competition. Rivalry is cool, rudeness isn't. People that are disruptive may be disqualified and asked to leave.